Monday, 1 September 2014

Penzance to Newlyn path re-opened

The storm ravaged Penzance to Newlyn coastal path was re-opened after major works by Cormac in time for the Newlyn Fish Festival.  The work has been done to very good standard with the retaining wall formed out of steel reinforce concrete (faced in natural stone at the Newlyn end as shown in the image above.   The new railings at the Newlyn (where the drop is potentially dangerous) are made out of stainless steel with the attractive supporting posts, painted white.  The whole route has been substantially enhanced and should prove a more significant defence against the sea.  

There was a well supported, vociferous community campaign to re-instate the path after the storm damage.  With a united front from the local Cornwall Councillors, Cornwall Council funded major works to reinstate the path and provide a more robust defence against the sea.

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