Thursday, 28 November 2013

BBC Mini-documentary focusses on Penzance

Penzance business reps were put through a Dragon's Den style grilling by Bill Grimsey (of Grimsey Report fame) yesterday as part of a BBC mini-documentary for Inside Out.  The theme was Town Centres and the tone definitely dystopian.  The producer lapped up the The Ritz which was looking especially grim against a grey sky.

Penzance business community was represented by Marcus Wilkinson (Alfred Smiths), Dick Cliffe (Chamber Chairman), Emily Kavanaugh (Pure Nuff Stuff) and Kieth Bell (Travers Bell Architects).  The team established a good report with Bill Grimsey but one can only guess what will survive editing. The other towns in the documentary are Liskeard (Portas winner) and Totnes.

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