Thursday, 15 January 2015

Churchill Retirement Living downsize Wharf Road Development

Churchill Retirement Living are downsizing their private sheltered housing development on the Old Gas Work site on Wharf Road, Penzance.  Originally comprising 60 flats plus 4 commercial units, the recently submitted planning application (PA14/12065)  proposes to reduce the scheme to 51 flats and 4 commercial unit.  Technical issues with the original 5 storey design (it is now 4 storey) and optimization of the development to reflect current demand are the reasons given for the change. One advantage of the revised design for Penzance residents is that the lower roof line is aethetically more pleasing and less overpowering than the original (link to photo montage download) .

The Old Gas Work site has been vacant and contributing nothing to the local economy (or the aesthetics of Penzance Harbour) for decades.  A private sheltered housing complex with comercial units on the ground floor was not considered by many locally to be the optimal use of the site but after decades of neglect there was acceptance that the Churchill Retirement Living proposal was better than the alternative (another decade or more of neglect).

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