Monday, 23 February 2015

Penzance BID proposal goes to the Vote


The Penzance BID postal ballot is underway. Ballot papers were posted to businesses last Thursday and the deadline for return is 5 pm on 26 March with the announcement due on 27 March.

Businesses are voting whether to say 'yes' to a BID levy of 2% of their rateable value (not rates payable) for 5 years to fund a range of projects laid out in the BID Business Plan (download here). If the result is 'yes' then the Penzance BID is due to start with a BID manager in place on or about 1 June 2015.

Over the next few weeks BID Steering Group members will be contacting each business to confirm receipt of their ballot papers and to answer any questions the business may have about the BID proposal. Each Steering Group member is responsible for 20 – 30 businesses but has access to the full list of businesses including the name and address of the person entitled to vote (to track down any missing ballot papers). A list of Steering Group members (w/email addresses) is provided in the Business Plan and also on the BID website under 'Contact Us'.
The BID levy will raise approximately £160,000 a year with the largest contributor being Cornwall Council (about 8% of the total) due to the rateable value of the Town's car parks.

Key Documents:

Penzance BID Business Plan (the proposal being voted upon) -  down load here.

Penzance BID Ballot Statement (a summary of the proposal) - download here.

Frequently asked Questions (Penzance BID) -  download here.

Notice of Ballot (inc. instructions for lost or spoilt ballot papers)- download here.

More information can be found at the Penzance BID website

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